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The Future of Perception: Brain-Computer Interfaces

When science fiction becomes scientific reality

Explore the current and upcoming trends regarding brain computer interface, the device that can help to create a pathway between the brains and surrounding objects.

Brain computer interface is a kind of device which enables creating an interface between human brains and electronic devices such as IoT devices and computers. This device helps in creating a pathway between the brain and surrounded objects. Brain computer interface utilizes various sensors and electrodes for detecting electronic signals in the brain which is mostly sent by electronic devices such as computers. Such devices facilitate communication pathway between an active brain and surrounding electronic devices which are majorly used for calibrating the movement for handicapped individuals.

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Growing incidences of brain disorder stokes demand in brain computer interface market

The brain computer interface (BCI) market is expected to grow significantly due to the key factors such as rise in the expenditure of research and developments, rise in the use of the advanced technological devices for the various lifestyle diseases such sleeping disorder and neurological disorders. The technological developments in this arena likely to open the opportunities for the brain computer interface market in coming future.

The key players influencing the market are Integra LifeSciences Corporation., Mindmaze, CASMED, EMOTIV, Compumedics Limited, Advanced Brain Monitoring, Inc., Natus Medical Incorporated., OpenBCI, Cadwell Industries, Inc., and Cortech Solutions, Inc.

North America holds the largest market for the brain computer interface (BCI) followed by Europe. The Asia Pacific market is the fastest growing market as increase in expenditure for research institutes and support from government bodies for funds, and grants, have boosted the research activities to grow the use of brain computer interface market.




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